Eyes wink, gently wander back and forth, and then stare at the viewer again: the interdisciplinary art installation NEGUA combines sculpture, photography and visual art.

The focus is on the eye: wide open, firmly closed, looking to the left and looking to the right, four photographs are taken per visitor. These images are then transmitted to the video computer for projection. NEGUA comes to life when the eyes of its viewers open on the large white spheres from which the expansive honeycomb structure is formed. NEGUA lives from the special moment in which every visitor realizes that somewhere out of this abundance his own eye is looking at him. Fascinated by the expansive installation, everyone looks for their own eye - and discovers the beauty and special characteristics of the others.

NEGUA was developed and realized by the artist collective KALYPSO. Michael Baumann (visual artist), Alessandro De Matteis (photographer) and Philipp Dreber (sculptor and conceptual artist) create special moments for ART.FAIR 2015 that captivate the viewer.



4 x 16 meter hexagonal fabric structure

350 PVC balls

200 meters of steel wire

one render engine

5 projectors

3000 photos




Daegu Art Museum, South Korea


Alessandro de Matteis
Michael Baumann
Philipp Dreber

Fotografie / Video

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