As drawn lines with high-light pens, the strip installation emphasizes the connection between the trees.

Often we can see trees growing in groups, like families of trees connected by their roots beneath the ground. These groups of trees create an open space that is unconsciously outlined by their trunks. The installation of the brightly colored neon belts uses the trunks and plays with the spatial connection of the trees. The attempt to visually capture and reconstruct the connection is irritating at first glance, but undoubtedly integrates the installation into the natural state of the environment by using the trees and the space in between as an essential element.

The Artwork was designed by the German based visual artist Philipp Dreber. Philipp Dreber was Residency in the Beginning of 2020 at the Kyoto Art Center, where he realized his spacial Installation “Rain in Kyoto” made of 250 Umbrellas and a single water drop.



Neon stripes, uv-light




Kyoto Arashiyama Hanatoro

Hours 17:00 to 20:30, December 11 to 20, 2020


Kyoto Art Center

Art Coordinator

Mami Katsuya

Set up

Soshi Matsunobe

Light Technican

Yohei Sogo


Hyogo Mugyuda