Artistic design of the inactive escalators and staircases at Ebertplatz

KARAT displays the entrance to the Ebertplatz Passage and wraps the side panels of the stairs and escalators in shiny gold. As a true eye-catcher, KARAT creates a heightened perception and invites you to walk through the passage.

The design element of exposed washed concrete in the architectural style of Brutalism dominates the passage. Only the frames of the large shop windows are made of shimmering gold brass.

KARAT defines the fineness.

KARAT adds value and searches for the fineness of Ebertplatz. The artistic intervention is a current inventory. The grievance of the damaged escalators becomes a virtue. KARAT underlines the contrast of the materials - gold and concrete - and reflects the qualities and controversies of Ebertplatz and its social complexity.

KARAT invites passers to walk in instead of hurrying through. When they enter the steps, a moment of self-reflection flashes. In the golden glow, the passers become part of Ebertplatz. The deep reflection opens the space and contrasts the narrowness of the passages.

Sand and gold also lie side by side in gold washing, and Cologne shows KARAT - its fineness.

The target group of the art installation are the passers, the citizens of the quarter and visitors. Its language does not distinguish between art-loving and art-distant audiences. The minimalist work has an immediate effect and encourages an individual change of perspective on Ebertplatz. The impulses from Ebertplatz are transmitted to the outside world and pick people up at the entrances to the passage.

As an indication of the golden panels, the sign for the staircase is also tinted in gold. Here, too, the perception is enhanced by the fact that the existing is used without adding anything architecturally.



competition entry

Art in public space

Temporary Installation


Gold foil


4 x 13 m