The KATAPULT is planned as a floating work of art. It is a mobile art installation that travels the rivers. The KATAPULT stops at the banks and harbours of the big cities and symbolically throws balls into the country. The result is an impressive total work of art that creates landmarks.

Catapults are throwing machines. In ancient times they served as military technology. The image of the KATAPULT is so full of tension that it inevitably triggers thought-provoking impulses. With the floating KATAPULT, however, a transformation process takes place. We make use of the positive qualities and transform them. At that time, catapults were used to level city walls to the ground. The KATAPULT and its spheres connect the cities. It overcomes borders, overcomes gravity and can be admired without fear. The symbolic impacts of the spheres leave no holes of devastation, rather the mirroring of the spherical surface gives a new perspective and the possibility of self-reflection.

The KATAPULT thus follows the course of water - a symbol of fertility, prosperity, growth and change. From here, it symbolically hurls new impulses into the country and calls for the bundling of potentials. The KATAPULT sets signs for this new consciousness. The catapult challenges us to change an image in our minds. It connects what belongs together. It is not about changing the borders, but the people who work together. Higher, faster, further seem to be important pillars of our development, but a counter to each other does not bring us any further. We have to work together and seek synergies. The KATAPULT with its spheres clearly illustrates this belonging, although the space is so diverse. The surface of the spheres reflects the light and the present. The environment becomes the content of the work of art.

The KATAPULT speaks a clear language and is thus accessible to a wide variety of people. Not only art lovers are interested in it - everyone, from junior to senior, wants to experience the huge catapult.

Each part stands for itself - together they form an effective, powerful whole, just as it happens in a functioning community. The KATAPULT takes this thought, this feeling further and gives people an unusual project: WE build a KATAPULT. The project is to be financed by sponsors. You also have a KATAPULTBAUER in you.

The KATAPULT is a source of inspiration. It travels the rivers of Europe and throws its anchor at the shores and harbours of the metropolises. The message is carried through the rivers that cross the country like veins. The stations of the KATAPULT become the centre of attraction. Similar to the Hanseatic League, the KATAPULT networks the cities and leaves shining stainless steel balls in every city. The work of art becomes four dimensional. It moves through time and space.



not yet realized


painted steel, stainless steel




6,5 x 25 x 6 m


Metallbau Fröbel
Moderne Stadt
Alessandro De Matteis