The multi-part stainless steel sculpture CHOROS consists of two spherical forms, one inner and one outer. While the inner spherical shape is intact, the outer spherical shape is fragmented, thus revealing the view inside. The fragments fit together like pieces of a puzzle.

Each fragment of the outer sphere has its own character and its own place in space, but together these pieces make something that points far beyond them. The inner sphere, as the core of the sculpture, is carried outwards by the fragments, but at the same time points inwards due to its identical geometric form. The potential inherent in the fragments is recognizable to every viewer at first glance. All parts refer to the perfect sphere in the middle of the sculpture.

For the 25th anniversary of the Dutch Sculpture Park Philipp Dreber conceived the Sculpture Performance CHOROS and developed it with the performers Marje Hirvonen, Markus Tomcyzk , the cellist Daniel Brandl and the photographer Alessandro De Matteis into an interdisciplinary art project.



satin and polished stainless steel




100 cm Ø


Fröbel Metallbau Gmbh

Quartier am Hafen


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