With his design Synergy, Philipp Dreber realized the 2022 Kunst am Bau competition for the HIERN Helmholtz Institute Erlangen-Nuremberg for Renewable Energies.

The sculpture ensemble is located in front of the entrance and in the atrium of the HI ERN - research building.

The sculpture Synergy², placed next to the entrance, emphasizes the aspect of fusion. Two spheres merge into each other.The merged spheres are sunk a bit into the ground, which gives them a certain heaviness.

The curves of the sculpture clearly contrast with the vertical and horizontal lines of the architecture. The position directly under the corner of the building reinforces this effect. The round lines and their light character develop a striking long-distance effect. Approaching the sculpture, one is inevitably drawn into it, part of the artwork and the building. The concave, convex and perforated circular patterns of the facade panels unfold their plastic expression in the sculpture. In this way, the artworks make direct reference to the architecture and the research content.

In the atrium, the center of the building, Synergy³ refers to the factor of agitation and explosive discharge. The outer sphere bursts into its fragments. Inside, a sphere becomes visible, like an indivisible core. Through this frozen dynamic, the viewer becomes a witness to an experiment.

HI ERN stands for the exploration of sustainable energy technologies. The sculpture ensemble resonates with the building and is a symbol for the interaction of different aspects for an ecological, sustainable and social future technology.



Stainless Steel


2,1 x 2,6 x 2.4 m




HIERN Helmholtz Institute Erlangen-Nuremberg for Renewable Energies


Andy Liu


Leon Clasen


Metallbau Fink

MSW Logistik

Gebr. Markewitsch GmbH


Gerber Architekten


© 2023 Philipp Dreber

Drone Footage

Michael Hasenmaier